Having a lifestyle photoshoot on the beach, is an incredible opportunity to wear your comfortable and colorful clothes. We will help you to match your outfits with the magnificent colors we can appreciate in paradise. 


México is one of the countries with the greatest natural resources and culture in the world. Here you can find lots of delightful places like beaches, cenotes, architectonic ruins, and so much more. Our lounges are located in the beautiful touristic areas of Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos. All of these locations have different colors for photography because of their location in the country, so get your clothes ready!


Puerto Vallarta is well known for the stunning sunsets you can appreciate here. Nature is always ready to impress us. Here sunsets give intensive colors for photography like orange, gold, or combinations between pink and purple, and in the mornings we find colors like blue and white.

Couple shooting in Puerto Vallarta

Sunset at Puerto Vallarta - Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit


In Riviera Maya sunsets are on the opposite side of the beach. In the afternoon there are colors of yellow and gold and in the morning vibrant colors like turquoise and white.

Couple running in photo session in Valentin Riviera Maya

Morning at Riviera Maya - Valentin Imperial Maya


Cabos is also famous because of the magical sunsets. Here colors are different, compared to Puerto Vallarta. We can appreciate golden colors in the morning, these golden colors get stronger during the day till sunset arrives.

Couple photo shoot in Los Cabos

Sunset at Los Cabos - Grand Velas Los Cabos


We have a range of colors that will always contrast with the different tones we will appreciate in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Maya, or Los Cabos, for example: white, black, navy blue, and khaki. These colors are neutral and easy to match. 


Some families match their outfits. This is a really good idea as it gives a cute and funny sense to their photos. We recommend vibrant colors for kids; it’s always nice to show that they are full of energy and connected with nature.  

Family Photo shoot at Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Matching colors at Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Family Photo shoot

Matching colors at Riviera Nayarit

Girls having fun in a photo shoot

Thematic Session at Grand Velas Los Cabos

Shine bright like a diamond!

One of our favorites colors is yellow! We know sometimes this is a color that’s difficult to match with accessories or shoes but when we take photos around the beautiful locations inside the resort, yellow always give energy and also looks elegant. 

Woman fashion shooting at Grand velas los Cabos

Contrasting colors at Grand Velas Los Cabos


As for style, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable. We can give you some tips that will help you to really enjoy the photoshoot, but it's important to remember these are just ideas, the priority is that it is your photoshoot and you need to enjoy it!  


It's important for you to know that you can change your outfits during our photoshoot. We would suggest around 1 or 2 changes, and as a tip, we recommend that these changes be quick, so pick up something easy to change! Sometimes bathrooms are not really comfortable to change your clothes.


Remember to wear fresh clothes like a dress, skirt or shorts; these are the best options, considering that most of the time the weather is hot, and with a little bit of wind, the effect on long dresses or skirts will be incredible. If you agree, let's take a swim! Depending on your decision we can take your photos on the beach and sometimes jumping into the pool, so make sure your outfits will resist the water without damaging your clothes! 

And now, one of the most important questions: "Should I use accessories?" Well, as we mentioned before, for us the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, and we want you to feel happy to show everybody your photos. We are fans of accessories! It always allows us to take different photos. But it's true that sometimes it can be difficult to keep your accessories in place, for example, hats, scarves, sunglasses or hair accessories, because it is often windy.

Sometimes during the photoshoot we run a little bit as part of the activities to capture the best moments so be careful!

Woman pregnant photo shoot in Cancun

Pregnancy Photoshoot - Riviera Maya

sixty anniversary balloons photo shoot Riviera Maya

Birthday Photoshoot at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Fashion shooting in Riviera maya

Fashion Photoshoot at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Don't forget that for us, what always looks incredible in photos

is your EMOTIONS and a BIG SMILE always matches all the clothes! 

Now, are you ready for your photoshoot?