When our clients plan their photoshoot, one question always comes up... What is the best time to take our session?

Many customers want sunset, others want sunrise, many people tell us that it is better if the day is a little cloudy so that the sun does not blind them...

Our experience tells us that normally the best times are two hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset. It all depends on the location, the type of session (family or couple) how many people are in the session...etc.



Normally the times that we usually do sessions are 9, 10 and 11 am - 4 and 5 pm.

At 9 am it is totally recommended for families with small children because they have just had breakfast, the sun is not so strong and the children are full of energy to enjoy and have fun so that the photographer can capture the best pictures without them showing tiredness.

In those morning hours on a clear day, the colors will be vibrant (typical Caribbean colors).

For couples, any time can be perfect... it all depends on the type of photography and colors that the client prefers.

Many of our customers love the evening more because of the so-called "Golden Hour".

The "Golden hour" is the time of day when the sun begins to descend from the sky. As its name suggests, at that time warm colors predominate and give a very romantic look to the photographs.

In the mainland Riviera Maya, the sunset is on the mangrove side (not over the sea). The sunset over the sea can only be appreciated on the island of Cozumel.

Photoshoot at Grand Velas Riviera Maya - 10 am

Photoshoot at Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya - 5 pm


The Pacific zone in terms of natural light is very different from the Mexican Caribbean.

The fact that in the Pacific zone the sun is always lower, the sand on the beach is darker and all these elements have an influence on the light.

Definitely, in Vallarta, the preferred option is sunset photos. In this part of Mexico, we have spectacular sunsets over the sea, so we can get some incredible captures.

Depending on the time change (summer or winter time), the sessions for capturing sunset and warm colors are 6:30 -7 pm.

The morning is like in the Riviera Maya. We usually do our sessions at 9, 10, 11 am and also capture wonderful colors.

Photoshoot in Puerto Vallarta - 9:10 am

Sunset Photoshoot at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit - 7:15 pm


Being on the pacific side, many of our clients love the sunset because it is really spectacular and sometimes even unreal...

As Los Cabos is located near the desert the usual morning hours are usually a little earlier than in our other destinations.

We would advise to do the sessions at 7, 8 or 9 am. Yes... we know. 7 am is very early... but the light is very beautiful at this time.

After 10 am the sun is very intense and you don't enjoy the session as you should.

In the evenings in summer 5, 6 and 7pm are the best times and in winter 4, 5 and 6 pm as the light fades earlier.

Family photo session at Grand velas los cabos

Photoshoot at Grand Velas Los Cabos - 9:00 am

Engagement photo session at Grand Velas Los cabos

Engagement session at Grand Velas Los Cabos - 6:45 pm

We are available at the time that the client likes.

If the natural light is not enough, we have assistants to help us with artificial light. It is usually when they are special occasions such as romantic dinners ... etc.

I hope you found this information interesting for choosing the best time of day for your session.

We hope you enjoy your photoshoot with us!