Why are you worth the amount you charge?

There are many reasons we charge the rates we do, some of which are quite obvious: all of our photographers are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience and many, many photoshoots under their belts. We offer full resolution images with full reproduction rights, we use very expensive equipment, we edit the photos ourselves – each of the photographers edit the photos from the shoot. Then there are the “hidden” costs, like having a beautiful lounge in most hotels we work with, having to pay high fees to the hotels to be there, and all the additional people involved in the process of organizing the photoshoot and helping plan and organize the whole experience etc.

When you see your beautiful photos to be cherished forever, you’ll know we’re worth it!

Photo Store at Vidanta Riviera Maya

DreamArt Photo Lounge at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Canon Photography at Puerto Vallarta

Equipment of our Team - Picture in Puerto Vallarta

Photo Store at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Our team in our Photo Lounge at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Do you shoot natural light or artificial light? Or both?

All of our photographers in DreamArt, are comfortable shooting both. We do prefer using natural light whenever possible and as late as possible to make the most of the wonderful natural light and colors of Mexico, but we also always look for opportunities to be creative with off-camera flash or to complement that available light with a little fill from our flashes. We also use flash to create better quality photographs when there is an actual need for the extra light – like during a romantic dinner where there isn’t much light, or the light is in all different and weird colors. (usually when we don’t have a natural light.)

Couple photo shoot at Valentin Riviera Maya

Photoshoot at Valentin Imperial riviera Maya - Natural light

Shooting photography sunset in Vallarta

Photo Session at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit - Artificial light

Do you back up your files online just in case of a failure? Do you have backup equipment?

At DreamArt we have a professional structure in place that not all photography companies have, so you can rest assured that, if necessary, we have all your photos backed up! We actually have several backup plans in place at all times.

First off, we download the photos to the photo lounge in the hotel the same day we take them.

Second, we have a server in our main office, where everything gets copied to, and finally, there is the Online Gallery, where our clients can actually access and download their photos at all times.

We also keep our photos for a minimum of eight months, most of the time much longer than that (provided that the capacity of our servers allows us to do so)

Gallery photo design

Sample of the online gallery that our customers receive.

Will I get high-resolution files?

We actually give Full Resolution images (between 10- and 40-megapixels’ resolution), which is perfect for doing both large prints – we regularly print our photos in 18*12 inches – and also larger or smaller ones too, like huge canvas prints or just regular 6*8-inch prints. From our gallery you can order prints directly in a Lab in USA. We also give our photos on USB and online, again in full resolution files.

How do you make us feel relaxed for the photo session, especially when posing?

All of the members of our team have extensive experience working with people from all walks of life.

From crying babies to huffy teenagers, we always find a way! Just enjoy your experience and you’ll be amazed at the results! We have photographed a lot of sessions, events...etc, so experience helps! 

Also, we all come from different parts of the world, so, if nothing else, our quirky accents will make you laugh! 

Photographer playing kid

Having fun with our little customers - Riviera Nayarit

Photographer shooting in Cancun with family

Photoshoot in Cancun

Photographer with couple in a shooting in Cancun

Photographer explaining ideas to our clients in order to capture true emotions - Cancun

What is your shooting style? Do you focus on storytelling?

We pride ourselves in capturing all the possible details, storytelling being the main focus. It will be a combination of both photojournalism and some posed shots (especially the family shots to make a perfect Christmas card). We tend to be as unobtrusive as possible so as to be able to capture all those natural, genuine moments that cannot be posed and planned for, nor repeated. We only take center stage when we need to organize a specific shot. 

Family Portrait Christmas Card in Vidanta Riviera maya

Portrait for a Christmas Card at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Will you help us with the planning of photos for the photoshoot day?

If you want… yes! The most important things for us are that, above all, you have a great time and don’t worry about anything, and secondly, that your photos are as beautiful as possible. Since we live here and know what light is better, how long it takes to move from one place to the next inside the hotels, what can end up taking longer than initially thought etc. we do our best to help you plan accordingly, so that you take advantage of the best places with the best possible light and with all the time you have with your photographers. We often have clients coming to our lounge with a specific timeline in mind or even written down and they leave with a very different schedule after that meeting.

We love that you provide us with ideas of what you want but you don't need to worry about this and it's fine to let yourself go with the ideas that our photographers have, because each session is unique and each moment is unique.

What happens if the photographer gets sick on my photo shoot day?

We are very lucky in the sense that we always have someone that can take over if needed.

The benefit of working with such a talented team for such a long time is that if we were to have a situation where the photographer really can’t attend the photo shoot, one of our colleagues could step in easily. This is something that hardly ever happens, of course.

Photography Team in Cancun

Our photographers squad

What happens if it rains?

This is an important question, because most our clients think their photos shoot would be ruined if this happens. This is actually not the case. There are some photographs that can only be done on a rainy day, with rain as a backdrop. We always make the best of any situation and rain is just that: a different situation. There is always a Plan B.

couple shoot in Valentin Riviera Maya

Photoshoot in the Taman Sari Restaurant at Valentin Imperial Maya

Couple in the rain with umbrella in Riviera Maya

Rainy day at Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Couple drink in a bar los cabos

Photoshoot in Koi Bar at Grand Velas Los Cabos

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