We love to work in paradise, but as in every work, we need to be aware of some challenges,

we are always renewing our methods to make every photo shoot unique and unforgettable.

The most important is to photograph the best moments of your vacations and also offer an amazing workflow to all our partners.


The best attraction in paradise is sunny days! But sometimes this is a challenge for a photography session. It's tiring and uncomfortable to stand under the sun for a couple of minutes for a photo that's why our photoshoots are active, we love to take you to inside and outside locations, we want you to enjoy the photo shoot.

It's important to know that weather changes fast when you are in paradise, this depends on the month you travel, but we are also ready for this! The weather channel is our best friend, if we notice we will have bad weather we will contact you to offer to reschedule your session! If it's a fast rain our photographers will take you to the inside locations and once the rain goes away, they will continue with your session on the beach.

Photographer in action at the beach in Cancun

Our photographer Carmelo in a photoshoot at Cancun, by DreamArt Photography

Couple photoshoot in Riviera Maya

Couple photoshoot after the rain at Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya, by DreamArt Photography


Lifestyle photography is famous because it captures natural and energetic moments.

Everybody loves photos of you and your loved ones running on the beach, and our photographer needs to find the best spot for himself to capture you running and also keep a good light for these photos.

It's an impossible mission! but don't worry at all, we have more than 9 years doing this, we are experts!

Our photographers gain an amazing condition because they are active all the time, running with you on the beach or playing with the kids in the gardens, they will always obtain the best photos.

Family Photoshoot with the photographer at the beach in Riviera Maya and Cancun

Family photoshoot on the beach at Vidanta Riviera Maya, by DreamArt Photography


Wind in these destinations contains salt, our experienced photographers take care of that because they need to clean the cameras every day. Salt can affect the functions of the camera and the visibility of the lens.

All our photographers are talented people, during your photoshoot you will notice that sometimes they change the lens of the camera, depending on the situation, but this is incredible because they do it in a couple of seconds. They always follow their passion, because it could be a photo taken with any lens, but at that exact moment, they decide to change it to offer you the best photo.

DreamArt Photographers, by DreamArt Photography

We are happy and thankful to have the opportunity of working in paradise

and being part of what people most love to do...vacation!

There is a lot of talented people working every day to give you the best experience ever!