How much is a one hour photoshoot?

The photoshoot is free and you buy the number of photos you want with a minimum of 10 photos among the 80-150 edited photos. Sometime it's not easy to choose. Here are our packages:

- 10 Pack: $250 USD
- 20 Pack: $460 USD
- 30 Pack: $600 USD
- 50 Pack: $800 USD
- Full Silver (<100 photos): $1,200 USD
- Full Gold (>100 photos): $1,500 USD

This prices are exclusive for external sessions (in locations where we don't have a lounge). If you are planning to have a session in one of our in-house resorts, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What are the prices if I have a Promo Code?

Ask our team in the chatbot, they will give you the good news!

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